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Funds raised by the Spiritual Retreat Foundation are awarded to approved alliance ministries to cover the costs incurred by any prospective attendees who cannot otherwise afford or access a spiritual retreat. If you wish to learn more about becoming an alliance member, please contact us using the form below.

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Our Alliance Members

St. Pius X Prison Minisry

Ministry of the Third Cross
This ministry provides people involved with the criminal justice system the opportunity to become prosocial and productive citizens by providing them an opportunity to attend a spiritual retreat and become a part of a vibrant loving Christian community. The ministry is recognized as the most effective model of renewal for people associated with the criminal justice system. Learn more at http://www.ministryofthethirdcross.org/.

Kolbe Prison Ministries S.A.

Sharing Christ’s Love with Prisoners!
"I was in prison and you visited me." - Matthew 25:36 
Kolbe Prison Ministries of San Antonio, Texas (KPM SA) is a regional offshoot of the Texas-wide Kolbe Prison Ministries (KPM) Catholic organization founded in Fredericksburg, Texas. KPM SA ministers to incarcerated men and women in five Texas State prisons and jails near San Antonio, and other detention facilities in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. There are many examples in the Bible of God’s way of dealing with sinners… of His mercy and forgiveness, of repentance and renewal, of reconciliation and resurrection. We have all made bad choices, fallen short, messed up, and lost our way; those behind bars committed serious sins (crimes) and got caught. These people are also children of God. These are the least of our brothers, and what we do for them, we do for Jesus.  In John’s Gospel Jesus forgave St. Dismas, the criminal who was being crucified next to Him, and promised him a place in heaven. In Matthew 25, Jesus explains to us the Corporal Works of Mercy, one being, “I was in prison, and you visited me.” Of all the works of mercy, Jesus pointed out that visiting prisoners is especially important in God’s eyes. KPM takes Jesus at His word and lives out this particular call. We’ve found that offenders have a much greater chance of staying out of prison and making lasting changes in their lives if we help them to develop a strong faith and offer hope for a better way of living through the truth of the Catholic Church. We do this with retreats, fellowship, Masses, RCIA Classes and Catholic Life Skill classes. We encourage you to learn more about Kolbe Prison Ministries by viewing the various pages of our website and prayerfully considering your own call to support our incarcerated brothers or sisters in prison. KPM is a Catholic 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.​ Learn more at www.kolbeprisonministriessa.org.

St. Pius X Prison Ministry​
"Love and Truth will meet; Justice and Peace will kiss."  - Psalm 85:11-12
Inmates at the maximum security prisons are the lepers and outcasts of our present day – the people that society wants to lock behind bars and never see again. Although many parishes have a prison ministry, very few are willing to go to the maximum security units.This parish ministry was created with a unique mission: to support the spiritual retreats and Life Skills classes for our incarcerated brothers in the John B Connally Unit, a maximum security prison in Kenedy, Texas. What began as introducing ACTS retreats in the prison has slowly transformed into a vibrant Catholic community of men who have dedicated their lives to Christ and are praying, studying and working tirelessly to be better men and to inspire their fellow inmates to do the same.  In addition to helping with meals, cookies and other suppplies for the retreats, SPX Prison ministry supports the music ministry at the Connally Unit. St. Pius X provides the education materials for the Life Skills classes and hosts an annual Christmas liturgy with a milk-and-cookie reception. ​ Learn more at www.stpiusxsa.org. and www.anencounterwithgod.shutterfly.com 

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